Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Australian Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


AUC Training Centre - Youth Bible Worker Course Outline


The role of  the Youth Bible Worker is to be involved in achieving this mission in the community through personal evangelistic work, finding and leading people to Jesus and discipling them as members in the SDA Church.  The specific responsibilities will vary according to the needs of the local church. Other work areas as required in the local setting

Core Courses

Principles of Evangelism - Life of Jesus

Methods of Door to Door Visitation

Principles and Methods of Obtaining Decisions

How to Develop & Give Bible Studies

How to Speak in Public and give a Sermon

Adventist Identity

Fundamentals of Adventism

Personal Spirituality

Christian Nurture

Small Group Ministry

Christianity and Culture (Reaching People Groups)

Preparing and Presenting an Evangelistic Series


Principles of Evangelism - Life of Jesus

Jesus is the ultimate biblical example of evangelism. Studies from the Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy will enable the participant to understand more fully how to evangelise.

Methods of Door to Door Evangelism

This class will discuss in detail how to begin and coordinate a visitation program to generate interests and obtain interests and obtain decisions. The student will learn the basic steps in the visiting process. Subject matter will include: preparation for a visit, approaching a home, how to respond at the door, dealing with shy, the arrogant, the non-interested person; what to say once you are in the home; do's and don'ts, plus other related topics.

Principles and Methods of Obtaining Decisions

The desired goal in evangelism is obtaining decisions. This course will assist the participant in recognizing when someone is ready to make a decision for Christ or a biblical teaching, and learn techniques to use in leading the individual to that decision. Some of the areas covered are the ABC's of decisions, appealing for decisions, and the use of Scripture in obtaining decisions.

How to Give Bible Studies

Sharing the basic bible principles of the gospel and the Seventh-day Adventist Church's fundamental beliefs is an essential step in discipling the individual. This course will instruct the participant in how to plan and organize a set of Bible lessons and how to obtain a decision with each lesson. Other areas covered will be how to start a new Bible study and how to develop an interest in Bible studies with individuals.

Public Speaking / Sermon Preparation

Emphasis will be placed on correct breathing for speech, resonance, clear articulation, and factors in effective speech delivery. The student will learn how to overcome nervousness and develop confidence.

Learn to study the Bible so that God's message can be clearly discerned. Steps in preparing topical and expository studies and sermons will be explained and practiced along with information on the most effective use of concordances, commentaries, and other sermon preparation resources. Instruction will be given on how to find additional material from life situations and reading.

Adventist Identity

Our sense of identity is crucial to an understanding of what the Bible teaches. Students will be able to learn that the primary source for identity is who we are in Christ. This will include our personal relationship with Christ as well as being part of His Body - the larger church.

Fundamentals of Adventism

A sound understanding of what the Adventist Church teaches is fundamental to all forms of outreach, evangelism, and nurture.

This course:

  • Reviews key doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in their historical context.
  • Details how these doctrines are applied to life today.
  • Provides approaches to teaching each major doctrine.

Personal Spirituality

The course will assist the participants in developing a passion to become more deeply acquainted with Jesus as Lord of their life, and to recognize their calling as His modern day disciples. The focus would be to enable the students to articulate their faith through their commitment, passion and enthusiasm to personal Bible Study and Prayer.

Small Group Ministries in the Local Church

This class will provide the student with the background to organize small group ministries in the local church and to keep them functioning. To also examine the principles of small group leadership, group dynamics, and the discipling abilities of groups. Emphasis will also be given to the role of the small group leader.

Reaching People Groups

This course will discuss the teachings of various targets groups and best methods of reaching them. Everyone is special because each person has his or her own cultural background, experience, and personal religious beliefs.

Preparing and Presenting an Evangelistic Series

The course will include material on preparing and delivering each evangelistic sermon. Instruction will be given in the use of visual aids; how to advertise; how to obtain decisions, and how prepare people for baptism in working with the local church.