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Smart from the Start

“Smart from the Start” 

Smart from the Start is a series of thirteen education based presentations that are part of the Project Hope–Australia broadcasts on the Hope Channel. The topics range from parenting issues, choosing the right school, dealing with Generation ‘Y’ and even an episode dealing with the questions that you would really like to ask teachers – but are too scared to ask. Reality television can be scary. A number of experienced teachers, parents and education administrators have been brought in to act as panelists. Don’t miss the episode on parenting with four young mothers – and their babies. The tight filming schedule did not allow for many ‘out takes’ so you will be treated to babies crawling off the set and at least one infant who suffers a complete emotional meltdown on top of a lapel mike. The series is realistic and very relevant. Apart from having to run the gauntlet of the make-up technicians and the risk of having a mental blank with no tele-prompter in sight, there was also the risk of speaking meaningfully into an inactive camera and wondering why the set hands are all grinning at you! The series is vivid and engaging. The panelists have amazing insights and are very professional. The feedback has been immediate and fulsome. Smart from the Start represents just 13 of 220 episodes dealing with Church and family life issues that have been produced by the Australian Union Conference in a daring project designed to reach into homes and hearts in a new and exciting way. The Smart from the Start episodes are great and you cannot afford to miss any.